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Someone expressed an interest in reading more the last time when I posted a sample of what I've been working on. I'm looking for feedback as to whether this paints a clear picture of the setting and characters. Any suggests would be welcome!

Untitled Work


Writing Sample

A sample of what I've been working on lately. It promises to be rather dark with plenty of morbid events. Will post more as it comes together if there's any interest.

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I was thinking about it and I think there's basically three types of villains:

1. The ones who believe what they're doing is wrong but feel the ends justify the means.

2. The ones who don't believe what they're doing is wrong.

3. The ones who believe what they're doing is wrong but don't care.

You just have to try and think from whichever angle your villain is coming from. :)

Change of plans

I think I overextended myself promising get-togethers every week. And it seems unfair to make funkym3485 come all that way all the time for a couple of hours of writing with just me.

So, how would y'all feel about a monthly get-together like the one at Thanksgiving (longer and a pot-luck) instead of a shorter weekly one? We can talk about what writing we've done (or haven't done) over the month and eat and chat and be merry.

Let me know.


The Statue

This is my attempt to write something Peter Hammill-ish (singer, songwriter - http://www.sofasound.com/lyrix.htm):

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All in all, the first ssscribblers marathon was a success (and we even got a bit of writing in *g*). There will certainly be more in the future!

Also, we discussed moving the weekly get-togethers from Sunday evenings to Sunday afternoons. I was thinking 2:30 to 5:00ish. Let me know if this would be a huge problem; I'm thinking of the bus riders, and bus schedules on Sunday evenings, and the darkness that comes earlier each day.

Next week

Next week's get-together will be on Monday instead of Sunday. I'll be sending an e-mail with details.



Due to the weather and other factors, I'm feeling rather unwell so there won't be a get-together this weekend. So, next ssscriblers gathering will be next Sunday, October 5.


Weekly challenge

Hi everyone,

Two weeks ago, lunacy_gal gave us a challenge to write something based on a (randomly drawn) picture. I received a picture of a wedding cake with two grooms. Today, I will post what I came up with.

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Just a reminder that the next ssscriblers get-together is tomorrow (Sunday) at 7pm. 

See you there!